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Thread: Civ 5 mods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giaddon View Post
    While I do NOT want to get into a pointless Civ V vs. Civ IV debate, I DO want to highlight PerfectWorld3, a mapscript for Civ V that generates a map based on basic climate patterns. It is very beautiful, but generates a lot of rough, mountains, and deserts. Fortunately, the .lua is very tweakable and well-labeled, and it is simple to configure the map how you like it.
    Any idea whether this is compatible with Civ V Nights? Screenshots look great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batolemaeus View Post
    This is where I disagree. Not specifically on the balancing parts, but imo Hexes are clearly superior. Diagonal movement is just awkward in Civ4. 1UPT ist also one of the advantages of Civ5, since it allows for more strategic use of terrain. There are actual chokepoints you can use as a defensive advantage, which is simply not possible in Civ4.
    I find movement on the whole far more awkward in hex systems. You can't really see at a glance how far you're capable of moving, especially at an amateur level. Nevermind the duck walking which characterises hex systems.

    There's a lot of possibility of using chokepoints in Civ IV, too, you just need the right mapgen. The best were often the fantasy map generators that'd do mountains with snakey corridors which you could put a fort down in. Chokepoint control in Civ V is just far more awkward, especially when trying to move your own units past.

    Quote Originally Posted by c-Row View Post
    No. With hexes, all adjacent tiles are the same distance. With squares, you end up with four tiles that are 1 unit away and four tiles that are 1.4 units away.
    Yes, and?

    Hex vs Squares.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by c-Row View Post
    Any idea whether this is compatible with Civ V Nights? Screenshots look great!
    Should be! It just alters the way the map is created, it shouldn't have problems with gameplay mods.

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