Hi all,

As someone kindly pointed out, Conquest of Elysium 3 is going to be around very, very soon. I knew it was planned, I knew Illwinter (they of Dominions-fame) were working on a new title, but I didn't expect it to be in February already!

Now, I don't really have time for fast-paced pbems. And I don't even know if a Pbem-option will be included (but I'd be surprised if not!), but I've been waiting years for a new game of Illwinter - as someone who actually bought a copy of Dominions 1 back in the day (the second shareware-title I EVER purchased), this is a must-buy and must-play, even if I have to install it on every machine I am usually working on.

I would love to start exploring CoE3 with allies, enemies, friends and villains. And as there is a strong Dom3-community here on the RPS shores, I am certain that some of you might be willing to venture forth into an unexplored new land, for the first fumbling steps of casting fireballs into our own faces by clicking the wrong buttons.


So, who's in? We'll sort out the details later.