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    Moving to new SSD drive

    Hi there! I hope you can help me out with a tech question. My current desktop has a smallish (30 GB) SSD drive that Windows 7 is loaded on, and a second 500 GB drive for storage. So far so good; I boot to desktop very fast and programs load up smoothly. However, overtime, Windows 7 and random other programs I installed have eaten up all of the space on that SSD drive. Part of this is my fault for not loading everything onto the backup from day 1, but part of this is just my surprise about how much space Windows 7 has been eating up (it seems like it keeps getting bigger and bigger).

    I could, of course, reformat everything and go back to square 1, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. So, I thought that maybe I could buy a bigger SSD, ghost the current one onto the newer one, and just continue on like nothing ever happened. However, I don't really know anything about any of this, so I wanted to get a thumbs up or thumbs down from some savvy experts on whether this can work, and, if so, how I might go about doing it (and what size SSD I need to avoid having this problem in the future). Any thoughts/suggestions/alternatives/screeds are welcome! Thanks!

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    Right now my Windows 7 install is up to 41GB, and I try to be very proactive to keep as much as as I can off of it. Things likes Save Games in the appdate folder is annoying, since have not found a way to move AppData. But I have all applications and My Documents on a separate partition. TMP file space is another small partition I use for temp files and downloads.

    I have a SSD also on order and looking to do the same thing. Not sure yet if its better to just do a fresh install and if ghosting is ok. Wish they were cheaper, 128GB leaves me at 80GB, want to leave 10-15GB room. Down to 65GB. Can get 3-5 games installed. :) Hell my WoW is up to 28GB.

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    The ever increasing size of Win7 is in part due to the famous Winsxs folder which gets bigger with every software installation.

    Making a image of the whole c partition and playing it over to the new SSD should work just fine.
    I'm not sure about free software, but Acronis True Image does that.

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    At my last job we used Ghost to do something similar for a round of new Win7 Pro x64 machines. We set up one of the group of new laptops and towers we bought with all of the software and settings configured just right, then we made Ghost images (one for each) that were saved to a 3.5" USB external drive. As we opened each new laptop or tower, we'd Ghost from the USB drive to the pre-installed drive and have our machines ready-to-use within an hour or so. Win7 had no problem with this process at all.

    I have Win7 Ultimate x64 installed on an older 80GB SATA 1.5 Gbps drive. I recently reinstalled Win7 and let Setup move everything into Windows.old in case I needed any data. With both installations stored on the disk, I still have just under 10GB free. Of course, I've done the same thing as Moraven, set my data folders (My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, etc.) to a different physical drive to both save space on that drive and to make it easier to reinstall Win7 again if I need to. By having my data on a different physical drive (not just a different partition on the same drive), my data is a little bit safer since that drive isn't accessed nearly as often as my Win7 drive. I recommend that you do this as well, which is described here in case you are not familiar with the process. You'll use the same process for all of the "My" folders.
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    For copying a drive 'whole' I usually use Easeus Disc Copy (bootable from CD) or Easeus Partition Manager (works from within Windows via rebooting into it's own subsystem) - they're both free and they've not let me down yet (and they can copy a small partition on a big disc to a smaller disc which many copiers can't).

    If you really want to relocate stuff, remember that you can use Directory Junctions to replace folders and 'virtually' move them to other drives. Nothing big should ever end-up in APPDATA tho - my W7-64 dir in only 19GB atm too...

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    I have a 120g intel SSD and a 1TB Seagate.

    Windows, MS Office, browsers, etc. + the one or two current games are on the SSD, and everything else is on the Seagate. I use a handy tool called "Steam Mover" to move steam games from one drive to the other. You should give it a shot- really easy to set up.

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