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    ArmA 2: Combined Operations - We have our own server

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthile View Post
    The average ARPS session plays like a mix of Apocalypse Now, Four Lions and Arrested Development.
    People of the Shotgun, let us play this manshooter together!

    Arma 2 is in the grand style of the original Operation Flashpoint. At the core, it's an infantry simulator with huge draw distances and no loading between areas. However, it's also possible to drive tanks, pilot jets, crash choppers and plan glorious artillery barrages.

    The RPS group is NOT a MilSim community, or even particularly strict. You won't be shot for failing to salute, moving slightly out of formation, or having to go change the nappies of your newborn. Many of our missions feature revive scripts so that an unlucky wing hit doesn't leave you sitting on your thumbs for several hours.

    We do ask that you play politely and maturely and respect the fun of others. In exchange, we'll take some bullets for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by harakka View Post
    New people, attention!
    Are you interested in ArmA2 multiplayer but feel discouraged by whatever reason? Read this encourago-post, and be encouraged.

    I started playing ArmA2 a few months ago thanks to the RPS Arma people, and wrote about my newbie experiences elsewhere. Imma copypaste some of it here, to encourage you to join us.

    ArmA2 can appear a scary game for new people. It's portrayed as a simulator, and it has so much stuff! Tens of weapons with various attachments, tons of vehicles, aircraft, terminology, abbreviations... All seemingly different, all with their own quirks, not to mention all the quirks in the engine and the various gamemodes and missions.

    Enemies are often just a few, hard-to-distinguish pixels on the screen, and you can die after getting shot once. I still remember how confusing and unapproachable it all felt from a distance when I started.

    Hot tip: You don't need to know most of this stuff to enjoy the game.The necessary skills to play ArmA2 online with us goes something like this:
    • Walking
    • Shooting
    • Listening to and trying to do what your fireteam leader (FTL) tells you
    • Asking questions

    That's it. Seriously, if you have done the infantry tutorials, you're golden. Everything else you can learn as you go, just by the magical power of asking questions and trying things. The missions we play always have a place for bog-standard riflemen, who don't need to know how to do anything special. You have an FTL and teammates who know the game and can help with any problems.

    This also applies to Tactical Tuesdays (every Tuesday around 19:30 UK time) and Folk Sunday sessions (look for posts by comrade Fer [[ed: or the details at the bottom of this post]]). I heartily recommend both events to new people, as all you're expected to do, is to try to do as you're told. In return you get a glimpse of what ArmA2 can be at its best.

    You may also feel that your skill / experience level is not adequate, and fear that you can potentially ruin other peoples' fun by sucking at the game. Good news: that's not how it works. ArmA2 is not a frag contest, and we are not a serious group of milsimmers. This is not Serious Business. We don't expect you to make ArmA2 your second day job. We don't play to win, we play to have fun. And sometimes the best fun is to die horribly.

    Any questions? Read the first post of this thread, and if questions persist post here, or ask in the RPS Steam chat.

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