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Here we go:

We(Me and Liq) were bugging Alpha and Bravo SL's to mark targets or tell if they needed any specific support.
When we didn't and just saw them getting torn to shreds I ordered Liq to bring down hell on earth on anything made out of more then 10kg metal.
The only time we were getting really torn to shreds, was when we were dealing with the Hind that caught everyone off guard - The hind took out most of Bravo, and some from Alpha. Then grenades/rockets took some of the squad out again. So, we took out the hind and got to reviving everyone - By the time we crested the hill however, all vehicle targets at Nur - Targets that we were equipped to deal with - were destroyed, and most infantry were dead. We came into no contact with vehicles during the entire mission, save a shilka and a BTR that the Abrams dealt with.

They got mortars, a javelin and perhaps a sniper.
...just like a fire support team.
The problem, however, is that they're not supporting - throughout the mission they were the main offence, the main way of dealing with tanks and infantry alike.

The problem with infantry domi is that enemies are they same as regular domi, meaning Tanks, BMP's M113, UAZ's, Shielkas, and so on. Things that "footsloggers" have a big problem dealing with.
That's a bit of a stretch. Infantry, with the right equipment, can deal with most stuff. Saying "Oh well there're tanks there, so we might as well send in the big guns" is a little premature.

First attack on (nur?), Alpha was to follow Bravo down the slope and the proceed with a joint "fire-line" into town, after a lot of casualties Unaco made the bold move to suggest taking his squad more east to spread out the line, which worked perfectly.
When attacking the second town I wanted both squads on a huge line walking towards to town so that noone was left behind while 2 ppl got all the kills/contacts.
Looking at the map, that didn't seem to work at all.
It worked out in the end with Nur, but I think that advancing behind a unit is always a poor idea to implement.

Next time we can try adding a real sniper element to charlie/delta and you can run around as a wookie :)
Sure, but we should take the DMR as well.

Bring down the tank/bmp ratio and add some UAZ/M113's instead and the mortars are unnecessary 'cuz the "footsloggers" can deal with them.
As long as we have AT troopers, we should be able to deal with a few tanks; we have in the past.