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    I mentioned it in the comments to the monitor article - what about the Dell Ultrasharp U2311H (I think there's a newer model, U2312-something), it should be around $200 in the US. It's an excellent IPS panel, you will love it - the colours, viewing angle, contrast etc.

    That's my comment, read the others underneath it so you get an idea of how great it is :)
    The U2311 I can only find online for like $350-400, again from weird no-name sellers. There's an E2311, a P2312, and an (out-of-stock) ST2321 on Newegg, all for about $200. Are any of these the same thing?

    There are just so many monitors, and every company has there own model number codes, so it's impossible for someone like me to know what the differences are. :/

    How about this one? It's got a lot of positive reviews:
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