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    Quote Originally Posted by rsherhod View Post
    In the US, does a shop not have the right to refuse to do business with you without giving any reason? They do here (UK), so if we consider Steam to be a shop then that's fair enough.
    US shops do, but according to general consensus on these forums, in the UK and Europe there are millions of laws to protect customers so you can firebomb a kwik-e-mart and then demand to be sold a slurpee and sue them if it is too warm. :p

    I kid (a bit...), but I imagine the system used in the US is the same as the one in Europe and most Western nations: A store or service has the right to deny service to anyone so long as it is not on discriminatory grounds. So refusing to serve someone because they are loud and belligerent is okay. Refusing to serve someone because they are Canadian isn't. If the latter can be proven, you are fucked

    They shouldn't be allowed to stop you from accessing games you've already bought though. It would be different if the payment model made Steam a subscription service.
    That is where things get murky. Steam itself IS a service. They give you access to their content servers and all of their fun steamworks shit. So if they refuse service, you have access to the stuff on your computer but you can't get more and you might not even be able to use that.

    This is where the whole "license" issue comes into play and is one of those aspects of "Software is different than physical objects" that people often refuse to accept because it won't benefit them. People discuss piracy and the like and we are ALL reminded that software is not a car, but once we discuss sales we are all paying all our cash up front for a Toyota Camry. :p
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    Quote Originally Posted by frightlever View Post
    Why do you keep accusing me of rambling? That's rude.

    Anyway, you have a deviantart page. You wouldn't shut up about it, virtually begged people to go read it, so I did. Offered some solid advice which you chose to ignore, and now here we are.

    Have you had a blow to the head recently?
    Sorry if it came across as rude, I'm offtopic in my reply, does my comment on that reflect on your posts too? Never begged anyone, just mentioned personal experience (as a rookie making mistakes). You have posted yours too, do I or others consider your post of experience rude or begging? I would say we do not. What advice have I ignored? Did you post it on my DA page where it would be relevant and I would not miss it in a thread about gaming? I'm open to advice. :)

    (My on topic part) There are games I wish I could get a refund for. Not many of them are on Steam though. But if a large company like Steam is asked/forced to comply with refunds, then others will have to follow. :)
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    It is a technical difference, but's there none the less.

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    i got banned from steam beacuse i asked a guy a question from disccusions and i had a nazi porifile pic and im just gonna say did i directley offend you did i directly harras you did i directly mean to hurt you in anyway

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    Sandvich are you in Germany?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkasaurusmex View Post
    Sandvich are you in Germany?
    THere's quite a few other places in the world where simply displaying nazi imagery without any hint of historical purposes will get you in troubles, and rightly so.

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    What were you thinking going for Nazi symbology in a profile picture anyway?

    I have nothing wrong with it being displayed for historical purposes, but really, a profile picture?

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