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    steam items i don't want

    I've got the following items in my steam account, that I have no use for. If you want any of them let me know your steam username.I don't want anything in return.
    • portal - GONE
    • steam mobile access - GONE
    • 25% off valve (valid until March 1)
    • 33% off id superpack (valid until March 1)
    • 50% off storm:frontline nation (valid until March 1)
    Please only request something you will actually use, I want these to go to a good home.
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    Similarly, if anyone wants a 50% off coupon for Gratuitous Space Battles (valid until March 1st) drop me a PM.
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    This is a nice idea, good thread. I have 66% off two worlds 2 if anyone's interested, and I'm definitely not using it, so whoever wants that can knock themselves out.

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    I've got:

    -33% any Valve Title
    -33% Valve Complete Pack
    -33% Football Manager 2012
    -50% Zombie Driver
    -50% Two Tribes Pack
    -50% any rockstar game

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    There's a long-running thread here for anyone wanting to give things away. OP Probably missed it 'cause it's tucked away in the Social subforum. - We've got more games than time...

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