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    Team games

    Does anyone out there know how the frick to go about organising team-based manshoot games? I have about 4-5 willing players wanting to play some semi-regular team based FPS. Could be Counterstrike, Battlefield, TF2, whatever really.

    I've come across a few websites like Clanbase, Enemydown and others, but they don't appear on first glance to be very active. I would guess that loads of people are playing BF3 right now, should be some place where you can find teams to play against?

    EDIT: forgot to mention that we are, to use the appropriate terminology, noobs.
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    In this case, I think you've come to the right place.

    Or rather, you are very close to the right place:
    Playing games with each other makes for the best business contacts, so feel free to add me on LinkedIn.
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