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    Hotel Wireless Issues

    Thought some of the smart people around here might be able to help me out. Staying in a hotel in Amsterdam and using the internet to find places to go, etc, but the connection has been dropping out on me... a lot. Sometime it stays connected for as many as fifteen seconds! Obviously I can't get access to the router, but I'm hoping that maybe I can change some settings on my end that will help me stay connected (assuming that it's the potentially-hundreds of other devices in the hotel that are the issue here).

    When connecting initially Firefox redirects to a website where I have to QWI Hotspot website where I need to login before I can start browsing.
    When it drops out I can right-click on the wireless network, hit status, then diagnose and it will usually fix it. Hoping it doesn't mean my Atheros AR938x wireless network adapter is on the fritz - the laptop is under warranty, but I won't be back in Australia for months, and as I understand it warranties are usually restricted to the country of purchase.

    Be happy to provide any more information if need be. - We've got more games than time...

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    How is your signal strength when viewing available networks and when connected? Is it always the same or does it change by more than one bar?

    Are there other available networks in range that you could try connecting to? If not, can you take your laptop out of the hotel to a cafe or restaurant that has wi-fi and see if the problem persists? If the problem is the same on another network, it's likely to be a problem with your laptop.
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    There is no magic fix for wireless issues, there is relly very little you can do without having acsses to the router. At least that i know of.

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