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    Missions needing testing

    With myself and other dabbling in mission making for the first time, along with all the usual authors, I think we have a few missions waiting for testing. If you have a mission ready for testing, post the details here and I'll update this post with a list so we can make sure at least 1 of them gets played on TacTues or impromptu sessions.

    Numbers needed:
    Testing needed:
    Brief Description:

    Name: fkoa_co36_avalanche_v1
    Author: Kelron
    Numbers needed: As many as possible.
    Testing needed: Balance.
    Brief Description: Defense against many, many enemies.

    Name: fkoa_co32_grand_theft_aero_v3
    Author: Kelron
    Numbers needed: Any
    Testing needed: Quick run.
    Brief Description: Steal helicopters.

    Coop24 Jihad Dawn.
    Probably needs at least 8 players to test it properly.
    Rescue a hostage from US forces and then plan attacks on the surrounding U.S military

    Coop24 Blood of the War Machine Beta 2
    Attack an oil refinery and destroy the oil derricks.
    Some of you have played it before, I rebalanced it so it should be a bit easier

    Coop16, Operation Samaritan Beta 2.
    Probably my best mission, some of you will have played before, fixed some bugs and added a helicopter rearm script.

    Name: fkco_adv56_patrolious_v1_wip
    Author: Head
    Numbers needed: 4 fireteams?
    Testing needed: Why not after tonights TT?
    Brief Description: OPFOR is on a patrol, Gur has found out where they will camp for the night and plan to strike while they are on the move (or not depending on commander)

    Completely random location(as random as arma makes it)
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