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    Late February 1806

    The Austrians did not take too kindly to General Buxhoewden sacking Vienna. Their ire took the form of an attempt to retake the city while it was still burning. Before Buxhoewden could fall back to Budapest he was forced to hold off the Austrian assault while suffering casualties I could ill afford.

    Eduard Sazhin has not used his time as Lord Secretary of the Fleet wisely. He has been replaced with Daniil Poushkin who will now be responsible for growing the Imperial fleet to a size large enough to conduct commercial raiding in the Baltic Sea. If this is successful the fruits of this labor shall be used to grow the fleet even larger for eventual expansion into English waters.

    Early March 1806

    It would seem the Viennese people are still loyal to their displaced oppressors as they have taken to the streets in large numbers. This lawless rabble is not worth the time and energy it would take to discipline them, so Buxhoewden has retired to Budapest to replenish his losses.

    General Kutusov has retaken Lemberg from the Austrian incursion. It would seem he has acquired quite the reputation for commanding well when attacking; this is perfectly aligned with my plans for domination as I do not plan on sitting back to let my enemies break their armies on my walls. This marks the last time liberating my territory from Austrians will be necessary as they have become too big of a hassle to allow to exist on my border. They shall be dealt with shortly.

    During an attempt to slow the Ottoman army marching on Iasi, Gorbachev was captured and executed by firing squad. I shall have a hard time replacing such an experienced man. Now Iasi is all but undefended, as Kutusov cannot reach the city in time if the Ottomans continue to march north. Still he presses on, as his presence may be enough to discourage the Ottomans from angering me further.
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