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    Total War (cont.)

    Not much room to maneuver

    Both sides exchange volleys

    General von Clausewitz attacks the center of my line with the bulk of his infantry. With my cannon on the flanks he knows this is his best chance to break my line and the fight at the center comes down to a bloody melee with bayonets. Though they suffer horrible losses, my men there do not break and fight on for their beloved General Kutusov as they would for no other general, for Kutusov is a Hero of the Army. To a man they die as good Russian soldiers must - facing the enemy. With the center collapsed, the Russian wings turn inwards and catch the Prussians in a crossfire that no man can stand for long. Soon enough the Prussians all lie dead on the field as they too chose to die for their general rather than quit the field. Though supporting Prussian general Gebhard von Blücher is wounded in the fight and whisked away to the safety of Berlin, the fate of von Clausewitz is unknown. His army has ceased to be, but somehow I doubt this is the last time he will tangle with Russia.

    "The power which money gives is that of brute force; it is the power of the bludgeon and the bayonet."

    The day has arrived where Trubachev can gain his vengeance. The 38-gun frigate named in his honor has left the slipway and now sails the Black Sea looking for Ottoman sailors to haunt. They shall soon fear the name Trubachev again, as they once did two years ago when he sowed destruction deep in their lands. No merchant vessel shall be spared his wrath!

    ​Trubachev rises from the grave in a new body
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