A Napoleon: Total War after action report in which I attempt to lead a madman to victory over all of Europe

Russia is a giant, if it can be mobilized to face the deadly danger to peace that is Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is also a nation that is recovering from the assassination of the reforming Tsar Paul in 1801, a man who was too interested in reform to be left on the throne. Rumour has it that Tsar Alexander was complicit, at the very least, in his father’s death. Paul had taken Russia to war against revolutionary France. Now Alexander is beginning to realize that a French, or rather, Napoleonic hunger for victories will drag Russia into war once again. If Russia is to be seen as a major power in Europe, she must behave as a major power, or accept French domination of Europe.

This is why Russia now contemplates war against France again. There may be incidental gains to be made in Poland and Prussian-dominated Germany, but the threat of the new French Empire is real. Napoleon has set himself up as the equal of the Tsar, and that is an implicit challenge. There are potential allies and some, like the English, have very large treasuries.

Russian soldiers may be tough and ready, but her generals are cunning commanders. Russia also has the advantage of time and space, should a war go badly. No invader from the west can comprehend the emptiness of the steppes, deal with the vast distances of Russia, or survive the merciless campaigns of “General Winter.”

-Introduction to the Russian campaign

Tsar Paul I


To receive the Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath achievement by declaring war on all nations immediately upon starting the game, accepting no peace and still being victorious.

Victory Conditions

Capture and hold twenty five regions, including Ingria, Greater Poland, Moldava & Bessarabia, East Prussia, Finland, Galicia and Moscow Guberniya by the end of December 1812.

Start of the campaign - victory regions to be captured are shown in red


Hard campaign/Hard battles

Nation Selected