Obligatory Hello Gentlemen.

RPS has slowly but surely become one of my regular sites (along with EG, PA Report & Polygon, and cant forget the ZP reviews), I don't play enough games, heck I probably spend more time reading about games than playing them but hey, you can't play BROWN MILITARY SHOOTER 5000 on the toilet, well you probably can, heck I'm sure gameloft have made dozens of them, but i hardly want to play a turd while trying to pass one.

I'm a pretty full on gamer, I bounce back and forth between consoles and the marvelous PC master race, for the last few years it's pretty much been dominantly pc with the odd console exclusive thrown in.

Thanks to eyefinity, and the way that it is one of the best things this platforms does over the consoles, when I play a game now, it's glorious. I really feel like a member of the master race, my peripheral vision needs no longer be bothered by what lies beyond the window. Sunlight and grass? Who cares!

Of course, 90% of the time, this flat out, doesn't happen. I would estimate from personal experience that for every one game that out of the box runs in eyefinity, 9 or more others just don't work, or work terribly. You want to use a menu, NO! You want to have a wide FOV? NO! And in trying to fix this, I really get back into what made me love pc gaming in the first place. Chasing that fucking carrot. I patch, I reg edit, I .ini edit, I run a fixer, I write an angry email to the dev in the form of a haiku, I write a polite letter to the dev in the form of a ransom note. I scour forums, follow the trail of cookie crumbs until eventually, finally, I get it working, then I realize the time, and go fuck it, time to go to the pub.

PC gaming isn't about playing games (If I wanted to do that, i'd just play consoles), it's about all the other shit that gets in the way, wasting your time. It's about spending all night trying different skyrim mods and then going shit, bedtime, I'll play tomorrow. It's about going to play far cry 3, only to realize that nvidia fucking hate you and don't have a SLI profile ready for you yet. It's about buying more games than you could ever possibly play (my steam library grows fatter than a man with diabetes), for crazy cheap prices, and then you do the math and realize that you only play one in three of them. Or worse, buying games on day one, even though you're going through what is known as 'MMO relapse'.

So yeah. Name's Jack, I'm from Australia (the land of shitty ping!), and I ramble way too much.