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    The names Frenz0rz, or just Frenz if you prefer. I've been a avid RPS follower for quite some time, and try to contribute to the comment threads as much as possible. Oddly, though, I hardly touched the old forum.

    I'm also the staff writer for Team SAO, which you'll probably see me plugging occasionally. Forgive the state of our website, it's fairly new and we're waiting on a software update so that we can transfer a lot of the old features. SAO 16 (one of our occasional clan events) is coming up next Saturday, so feel free to pop in for a game of Left 4 Dead or Blood Bowl.

    Right, that really is enough plugging. As for me, I play quite a broad spectrum of games. Basically, if a game is regarded as being good, I'll give it a go regardless of the genre.

    Hmm... I cant seem to figure out how to embed links into text here. Anyone know?

    - Team SAO site:
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