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    Another Minecraft server looking for friendly players

    Edit: This server is dead. Please close thread.

    Greetings fellow RPSers!

    I am looking for some friendly folk for a minecraft server I have started together with a friend of mine. The server has 24 slots so we have plenty of space. The server is whitelisted so if you want to get on it you will have to PM me or post in this thread with your in-game name and I will make sure you get on the list as fast as possible.

    We are aiming to get a nice community going focusing on co-op play so we would love to see people expand/start cities, treehouses, castles, whatever. You are still free to build things by your own of course and whatever you want the only thing we do not want to see is stuff like pixelart (Or other weird structures), that stuff belongs on the creative servers.
    Because of this the server has a bit of a medieval fantasy theme going on so we would love to see people sticking to this you are however free to start your own themed cities, for example a Egyptian city in the desert.

    Besides this we will also organize events from time to time such as doing a adventure or survival map. We will pick a specific time and date for this depending what is best for the large majority of the players. There might also be events on the regular minecraft world but we would have to think of some nice stuff to do.

    For those interested in plugins we are keeping the server pretty basic we got a few plugins for to prevent fire spread, creeper explosions breaking blocks (It will still kill you though!) and for commands like /home /warp. We will try to update the server as fast as possible when updates come but that will basically come down on how fast bukkit, and the very few plugins we use, update.

    Hope to see you on the server!

    Server IP:

    You can either PM me or post in this thread to get whitelisted.

    Some random screens:

    The starter town Silverpond.

    An Airship I have been working on.

    Local Village Idiot.
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