I know Dominbions 3 got some love here but i bounced right off it, it was too wide open, i really ought to go back. But reading this made the developers latest effort very interesting, because its simple, but crazy too.

Hands of Glory. These are the severed left hands of executed murderers. Necromancers gather them from any settlement large enough to have murders. Cities are great for this. Peaceful hamlets not so much. [...] There is one teensy little catch to that last step about repeating as needed. Every time a necromancer uses his raise dead ability, he accrues a few points of insanity. [...] Thats the thrust of this factions mid-game. So you save up Hands of Glory as needed, constantly fighting the tension between summoning cool units and saving up to pass over to vampire-hood or lich-ness.
The dwarf queen cant go anywhere, presumably because shes so big and fat. Going by the graphics, shes twice as tall and four times as heavy as a regular dwarf. Every turn, she lays an egg that hatches a dwarf worker. At least thats how I imagine it happens.