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    Manchester Game Jam (LD48 weekend, 21st/22nd April)

    Hi RPS!

    Just a quick one in case any of you folks are interested, we're kicking off a fun informal indie meet / jam event in April, in sunny Manchester.

    The first meet will be a weekend hosted by Madlab, over the Ludum Dare weekend. We've timed it to co-incide with the Ludum Dare, but if people are doing their own thing then that's great too. If there's interest, we might do some smaller short jams (3-4 hours), perhaps as groups (we've had great interest off non-devs too, Madlab is quite a varied community of geeks and creatives from all walks).

    This is the first event of this kind we've tried to organise, so we're making it up as we go along really: hopefully a few folks will turn up and we can use that meeting to get heads together and organise a proper regular event.

    As an excellent side-bonus, the local hackspace folks (HAC Manchester) have restored a vintage arcade cab (it's now a MAME box) that's going to be up and running at the jam too, so we can run whatever you come up with in a classic upright cab. Cool, eh? It even accepts 10p's!

    For more info on all this, please do give us a shout on twitter:

    Or, we've also set up a Google group until we find a more permanent home online:

    Alternatively drop me an email: hellodanhett at gmail dot com.

    It'd be lovely to see some of you folks there.


    Dan / MCRgamejam
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