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    Is "Cultures" a really good game? Looks interesting. I like "tribe" management games

    Oh look I found Cultures 2 and 4 and cultures anthology
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    You'll probably love it then. It's a lot like the classic Settlers games, except more focused on the individual tribe members. They can gain experience at various jobs, get married, have kids etc. Always confuses me how it managed to get overlooked tbh.

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    ..pretty interesting looking game about to go into beta.

    "Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game. In the campaign game, Sovereignty offers rich historical rivalries, backstabbing intrigues, magical research, trade routes, naval escorts, unique units, heroes, and of course, WAR. And where hero armies meet on the campaign map, we zoom into a tactical hex-based battlefield. Move individual units. Destroy your enemy!"

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    Well, I wholeheartedly support Kinghts of Honor recommendation, played it a lot, it's a middle ground for me between Paradox games and Total War series.

    Knights and Merchants
    are fun too, but it's basically a Settlers clone.

    Other than that, Birthright, pretty old, but can be still fun, if anyone is interested, here is (what looks to be) a pretty good let's play:
    Birthright let's play

    I'm also thinking about putting some effort to actually play Pretnetious title that I bought on some sale recently. Looks like a Total War clone, but apparently with more interesting battles.

    Edit: Some more title, that came to my mind:
    The guys that made King Arthur series, also made games about the crusades along the way Crusade game, with very similar mechanics to King Arthur.

    In the tactics department, you can also try Warhammer Fantasy Battle games, from Shadow of the Horned Rat, to the latest one, with trailer worth looking at The ultimate battle trailer.
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