Before I begin, I'd just like to quickly say that even though this isn't strictly RPS-related, I'm writing with the best intentions in the hope that a few of you feel like joining in on the fun. If you've got a problem with such posts, please PM me or something, rather than derailing the thread.

Anyway, I've been asked by my clan to welcome all RPS readers and forumites to Team SAO's 16th 'event' get-together tonight. We're a friendly, sociable clan who play a lot of Left 4 Dead 1/2, and also a fair amount of Blood Bowl, Bad Company 2, Worms Reloaded and a few other things. Such as the wonderful Gartic. We also pioneered the now widely-used Left 4 Dead Addon Installer.

We're a welcoming clan with members of varying skill, but most importantly, we're not competative; we simply want to meet up and have a good time! These events provide us with the opportunity to invite new people to play with us in a cheery, often somewhat inebriated environment, with plenty of stupid banter between our members whose locations range from New York, to Newcastle, or even [what I presume is] a small wooden hut in the Australian outback.

We've got a brand new 50 slot open Ventrilo server and a number of slightly modded L4D servers with small gameplay-enhancing additions, such as being able to choose which infected you spawn as, or the ability to 'ghost' to more advantageous spawn points. Depending on how many people show up, we're likely to have a couple of L4D versus games going at any one time, alongside a few matches of Blood Bowl, or a few rounds of Bad Company 2. This will go on well into the early morning (I think our record was about 12 hours), so feel free to show up at any point and drop in for a game of something. Our L4D servers even have spectator slots, so you can sit in with a beer and chat on vent as you watch the action unfold!

If you fancy dropping by, just post here or drop me a PM, just so that we know you're not some random vent troll who (as often occurs with an open vent server) has stopped by to wreak havoc on our precious ears.

Oh, and we've got a nice little trailer to help advertise the event. Its quite pretty.

Gaming will start tonight at approximately... whenever. I'd probably guess around 9pm GMT, but feel free to drop in on the vent server before then to say hello and hang around for a game of something. Oh, and remember to say Frenz0rz sent you, for I shall be given cookies in return. At least, thats what they told me...

Hope to see you later!

- Frenz