Gozuu, I guess what he was saying is that progression is not all that MMOs are about for him. You don't have to dislike progress just because of that, but GW1 - and as it seems this will hold true for GW2 as well - was less about farming stuff in order to progress to the next bite of content than other games of the genre are.

However, you could grind to your heart's content if you wanted to. In fact, there were whole guilds and alliances created just for doing this in an organized way. What you got out of this wasn't better gear in the sense of better stats but rare - and sometimes nicer - skins. So the progression worked more in a horizontal manner than in a vertical one. Get stuff with the same stats but cooler looks. I really like that. People can feel 1337 about that if they like and put their stuff in their Hall of Monuments but others don't need it just to progress through the story line.