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    Dirt Rally: Learn 2 Drive

    So I got Dirt Rally through the monthly and am trying to come to grips with it. It appears the tutorials are just videos, and not tremendously helpful. Any suggestions on how best to learn the game? Good stages/events for first-timers etc? Should I have the driving assists on and, if so, how strongly? I'm hesistant to become dependent on them, but also hesitant to go completely without and get excessively frustrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinraith View Post
    It appears the tutorials are just videos, and not tremendously helpful.
    The Heliocentric masterclass on Dirt Rally
    1. Watch the in game videos on oversteer and under-steer, figure out which wheel drive sounds last terrifying
    2. Load up a track in the rain, on gravel, drive from start to end slowly, like you would if you own well being were at risk and no-one was timing you.
    3. You still crashed didn't you, that's okay.
    4. ???
    5. [REDACTED]{We can't tell him that yet}
    5. Now introduce the anxiety of an audience, post your runs straight to youtube and shame yourself publicly until you are good at racing.
    6. Congratulation(s), you just entered the lower portion of the bell curve.
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