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    Shadow Magic - the coming of newbs. Interested?

    Hey all.

    For starters, this is my first post at the RPS forums. I can honestly say I had no idea that a group of PC gaming gentlemen and gentlewomen existed on the webs until very recently. My loss! But now, at the very least, I've begun to make amends :P

    Not too long ago I purchased that good old game Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, and I must say I've been thoroughly enjoying it... though I'm still rather a newb. I can't speak for its depth in the long run, but I like what I've seen so far.

    Is anyone interested in taking up a cooperative/competitive online game?

    I'm fairly certain I'll get my face served to me on a platter, but it seems a shame not to enjoy this lovely game as I believe it was intended. I'm not looking at specific days, but please do post if you're interested. I'm based in the UK so that's something to bear in mind, but regardless it'd be great to get something going.


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    Heya, I think I'd probably be up for it. The last time I played AoW, it was with an excellent, really excellent, Lord of the Rings mod. I've never played MP, but I reckon it could be awesome.

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    Not a lot of interest here. That's a shame! I know someone else who would probably be up for it, but it looks like somewhat sparse pickings.

    Sorry for the late reply Lykurgos. Had a bit on my mind this week, though this has dampened my spirits slightly. But never mind! I'm sure we can work something out if you're still interested.

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    I know someone else who would probably be up for it

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