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    Thoughts on Fallen Earth F2P?

    I've noticed this game pop up on steam this morning (, and it seems pretty neat (I may be a bit biased, since I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff).

    Anyone played / playing it? I didn't get to finish downloading it before going to work and I'm really curious.

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    When I played it, it kinda sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R-F View Post
    When I played it, it kinda sucked.
    Not sure when R-F played it, but I played it fairly soon after it went F2P. It was not compelling in any way whatsoever. I couldn't even be bothered playing through the tutorial section.

    Combat is boring and awkward, interacting with the world is completely disconnected from reality, the UI is fairly awful, graphics are pretty poor, not to mention lag and stability issues. Granted, these are probably issues with every single MMO out there, but Fallen Earth didn't give me a reason to play it in spite of these things. - We've got more games than time...

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    The game can be amusing for a short while, but it gets quite boring after that. It doesn't manage to keep you interested.

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