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    Organised Session (Tues/Sun) Feedback Thread Attempt LVXII

    The party apologises for technical difficulties faced in the posting of this thread. Bad Wizard Harakka managed to break quick-replies and editor/moderation features.

    Hello people,

    Many of you have no doubt noticed that there have been some changes made in the past few months.

    We have an actual RPS subforum instead of a single thread, more Folk-style organized Tactical Tuesdays, more cooperation with Folk, new ARPS-made missions, special events like the Invasion '44 campaign and the upcoming Storm over Capraia and there's more on the way.

    The basic reason for these under-the-hood changes is simple: playing ARMA2 with you, both the ARPS and Folk crowds, is fun. We're trying to ensure that our community does not stagnate, the environment stays friendly, and both old and new players feel their time is well spent when playing in the sessions. Not just for the here and now but in the future too. Even into ARMA 3 and beyond.

    We'd like to hear feedback from you, both veteran players and fresh faces, about what works and what doesn't. What makes you attend or not attend the Tuesday and Sunday sessions? Inconvenient times or other scheduling problems? Is there anything specific you like or dislike about the way TacTues or Folk Sunday is organized and run? Do you have issues with missions or is there something you'd like to see more of? Problems with comms? Something else?

    We even want to hear from prospective players - are there things that scare you away from taking part?

    Tell us what's on your mind so we can continue to improve things.

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    I posted in all three iterations of this thread and all I got was this lousy brain tumour!

    Things are excellent IMO, our numbers continue to grow and we have more and more awesome missions to play. One minor suggestion I have to be slightly more relaxed on Tactical Tuesdays than on Folk, I feel like some of the rules (commanders command, no JIP slots) are a bit too zealously enforced sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph-Sulphur View Post
    One minor suggestion I have to be slightly more relaxed on Tactical Tuesdays than on Folk
    This. It's not a huge problem since FOLK ArmA is usually fun ArmA, but that's what Sundays are for. Of late, it has occasionally felt like FOLK session two, rather than the (somewhat) relaxed tacticool idiocy we all know and love.

    Other than that minor niggle, all is well. May many more mans be shooterified in the name of ARPS.

    Edit: Almost forgot - The purple filter must die.
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    A response to the above two posts, bear in mind that the session on Tuesday is planned by one of the admins in advance so there is generally a set list that has been planned out so it will be run in a way to allow the session to flow smoothly, things like delaying the first mission for late joiners, or having to sort logistics for JIP players can have a significant impact on that (I think that is what is meant by JIP slots).

    N.B. The above is not an argument that it doesn't happen or is always correct to be implemented, more an offered reason that may explain why it has happened.

    If you have a query or such about something an admin did, then ask them about it via steam chat. They will be happy to explain why and it might put your mind to rest.

    My two cents:

    I like the variety in host for the sessions, it is nice to have a different mind in charge on TTs.
    I like the boost in mission making that it has created.
    I like knowing that i will get a few solid missions done on TT.

    I am unsure about the lack of revive missions for TT, I think it is great when implemented well.

    I dislike it when people have not read the posts provided that explain things like mumble set up for example.
    I dislike it when people talk people down on comms for one reason or another. Even if someone shouldn't be talking it could be done in a more civil manner. Manners is more important than L33T comms discipline.

    More to follow.

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    The great people and the manshoots is what makes me come back every time. They're always there to play some impromptu ArmA, offer advice without resorting to insults or calling people noobs. You're all awesome. And hilarious.

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    I've got to agree with the esteemed Messrs. Sulphur and Egg. I like the FOLK sessions - I do, I'm there near every weekend - but the TT session can feel a little "too FOLKy". I'm not sure exactly where the sweet spot for TT lies, between the silly anarchy of regular weekday pick-up sessions and FOLK's more structured activities.

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    I agree, TT should be a bit more relaxed but that should involve both the hosts and the players. There is no need to shout over the comms if something is going bad, someone crashed a chopper or is not executing the right maneuver. It's just a game...

    Having said that, I usually appreciate the silence over the comms, as only then I can listen to the person I m supposed to be listening to. Of course that does not mean I m going to tell people to STFU.

    I can't say I have some serious problem though, with the way things are being run. For me it's more of a case of finding the time for both days.

    Also thanks to everyone for the missions and the hosts for organizing the nights, I really enjoy them and I appreciate the effort you all put in for them.

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    I prefer the Folk style missions. Things like Skirmish Devils are fun once in a while, but I'm happy with the general mission style as it is.

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