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    MAME - arcade machine emulator

    Hello all.

    About ten years ago I discovered MAME, the arcade machine emulator that answered all my childhood dreams of having a coin-op arcade of my own. Over the next couple of years, however, the program's updates made many of my existing ROM files no longer work and (real life intruding) I fell by the wayside.

    Tonight I was thinking about it again and wondered if anyone here knew what the situation with MAME and its associated ROM repositories is nowadays. I'm now totally out of the loop, but have successfully battered real life into submission and would love to have the classic games working again.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    I heard Dragon's Lair works in that emulator?

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    Surprised to learn that updated MAME is not compatible with older roms. MAME is mainly for playing old stuffs so I never bother to keep it updated. But...well... you mates probably know where to get those roms and appropriate MAME versions to run them (in most cases, roms come bundled with MAME), but may not be an ethical thing to be discussed here.

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