So I spotted this new music bundle in an item over at It's composed of 18 albums including work from Danny Baranowsky, Laura Shigihara and Floex. For me though, the standound is the Pixel Junk Shooter 1 & 2 album from High Frequency Bandwidth, I'm especially loving the track Hidden Foto Banks.

It's split into two packs and is hosted at, the Vocal Pack and Instrumental Pack, which includes the full tracks to preview.

Interestingly, payment is being run through a kickstarter project. $6 gets you your choise of one of the packs, $9 for both. There are of course incentives for big spenders in the form of signed CDs and vinyls. I guess they want to guarentee the income but I can't help thinking that they would raise more money under a more "conventional" bundle operation like the Indie Music Bundle does, offering a few albums up front and more for larger donations, using the special items as incentives for large payments.

Anyway, it's running for the next 5 days and I know a few people round here were keen on the last two indie music bundles so I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a mention.