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    Not exactly that Amazon itself is offering those games, but a number of game stores utilitize Amazon's platform to sell their stocks. A very convenient place to shop old games I must say.

    Only that support is not really promising. I can imagine that most won't run at all on up-to-date Windows machines. And I am shocked to see that some are in very old storage media, at least one I found is in 5.2" floppy!! I really don't know how they preserve such disks for that long (since they are offering, I assume the stocks are in working condition), mine are all corrupted. But hey, locating the reader is not as hard as you think. Over here we have some computer arcades specializing in used hardware.

    I am not a collector, so I myself will only pay for those I can play. Time to take out my MS-DOS 6.22 (mine is in 4 floppies) to action. Haha~
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    Damn, there's no equivlant on the UK Amazon site.

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