I'm wondering if there should be a forum section called "PC Gaming Discussion Discussion" because I got one of them. It's to do with female types that do games journalism. Which is going to make me sound inherently sexist. Bear with me.

RPS fourteen minutes of Skyrim
In the featured video there, there's a lady that gets excited about Skyrim and there's this running thread of comments that question her believability. I've seen it happen elsewhere. Someone mentioned Lisa Foiles in that comments thread and she has this 'top 5' video on The Escapist which I looked at in order to humour myself, then glanced at this firestorm of debate over her gender and appearance. What is going on?

What I get conflicted about, and what I would like to discuss, is whether notably hot women working in gaming are there because of their gaming and journalist acumen or because of their looks. Obviously you have to go on a case by case basis, but I personally get the feeling that good looking women that want to get into games journalism might just have an easy ride because of the cynical man behind them, pushing eye candy for the purposes of the bottom line.

I remember once watching The Destructoid Show and Tara Long gave a game a one word review of 'meh', which is a fucking crime. Sure, men also make bad reviews and she is usually pretty sharp but it gets concerning when someone's job is games journalism and that crime of a word is the best that they can come up with.

I can't get my head around it. Note that I'm not trying to be sexist here, I think that anyone with the capabilities for the job is fit for it. My question is then: are female games journalists too often picked for their looks and gender instead of their acumen as journalists, because of the male-heavy target audience?