I have contributed to No Time to Explain and Octodad, and currently have a Kickstarter campaign going for my game 'Spike: A Love Story Too'. I plan to write a post-analysis of the experience, hopefully about succeeding, but even if my project fails it's been a very crazy ride I'd like to share.
One thing I'll say right now is that I was inspired to do a Kickstarter by No Time to Explain and Octodad, cute weird little games looking for their audience. When Tim Schafer's thing exploded, I was simply scared -- while I'm of course stoked about what he's doing, I didn't feel that his high profile project was really going to share the spotlight with anybody. I breathed a sigh of relief when his Kickstarter ended, but of course that very same day 'Wasteland 2' went up, ha ha.
Things in these last days have really picked-up, based on what I thought was an insane choice of what I should be sharing about my game plans to entice a potential contributor. But the gambit worked, and I may actually pull this off. We'll see!