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Do you own the original? If so, then it's technically not a new game, just a new version. It's essentially the same if you had said "I want to play this again, back into the backlog, you." Had you subscribed to the school of NNVFAY, you'd be screwed.

Also, I resemble your implication that I am seedier folks.
Well I DO own BG 1 and 2 (w/ expansions, twice over, each) so you make a valid point.

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That, my friend, is an easy solution.

It does not have to be a purchase! Oh no. No no. However, if you were to drop - maybe lose - some money, not much, just a little bit... and someone would pick it up, you know, with the best of intentions of giving it back to you without going on a boozing cruise... and, let's say, they would accidentally, a misclick really, purchase said game.... and, not having any money to give you back, really, all they could do is trade in the game for your forgiveness. Hardly any boozing either.

How does that sound?
Aha! The "gifting" loophole. Brilliant. And yes, boozing is implied somewhere in there.

With the remake, getting Jim Cummings would be ace.