I just paid off the next three months of server rental (March, April, May). Our war chest is now down to 47.18. Monthly rental is 95.99 as Arma loves a strong CPU. This means that on June 2nd, the server dies.

We've been doing this for more than a year now, so those rich money-seams in your pockets might be tapped out, but without your support we will lose our hardware. If we can't continue with the current hardware we'll probably still have a mumble server (as those are really light and cheap), but no game servers.

So guess what time it is? That's right, Pie Chart Time.

This is the donation page, with a custom pie chart: http://www.herosquad.org/arma2/hardw...nding/#Funding
This is a google link that acts as a backup if the pie chart doesn't show up (if my webhost gets pushed over): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...FpGTzUzRFFPa1E

There have been no real issues with running multiple servers (A2, A2Free, A2Mods, Folk, TS3, Mumble) alongside (except for mumble not liking too many people using the server at once for no discernible reason) and we still have some spare capacity on the unused cores. Previously we've tried RO2, Brink and MWLL with varying degrees of success.

As well as support for the server, this thread is intended to inspire discussion on what, if anything, needs to be done with the hardware. For example, it's possible that a web interface for launching mod servers could be developed (but oh god not by me I don't have the time for that any more) or we could install a couple more games for hot-deployments. That sort of thing. Another example: I have noticed a few people complain about the mod server going down but then not reporting it to the admins - it's NOT in a restart wrapper because it's not a core service.

Note: I'm moving in the next fortnight and won't have internet access for a while after that, hence the shift from a monthly payment model. There will still be box admins around (Bodge, Washington, Fer), and any hardware faults should be sorted automatically by the provider without my intervention.

Note 2: I'm reiterating the warning from the funding page, this is a personal donation to my private account, as I am not running a business or offering a product or service. It just so happens I use the money in that account to fund the server. If I abscond with the money you're SOL but if I was going to do that I would have done it when there was more doshcash in it, right?

Note 3: Also, Donors do NOT get special benefits.