Hello all,

I am looking for an old article/interview on level design that I *think* I originally saw it linked on RPS. It was an interview with a developer working on an app (I think on the iPhone/iPad or other mobile platform), and the dev. was stating how important it was to build depth into design for smaller teams. For example, he advised increased "modes" of play with randomized elements rather than a single campaign of linear, hand-crafted levels, and in general espoused "quality over quantity" in design, stating that such a design philosophy would be more efficient and provide more value to the player.

I think the game in question was a top-down shooter or action game. I can't remember much about it, and wish I'd bookmarked the article now. I've done the general set of search and had no luck.

Sound familiar to anyone? It may have been posted several months ago... thanks, if you can help!