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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 06/03/2012 - Come Snow, Sleet or Storm

    Today 22 fine comrades braved a gamut of weather conditions to achieve glory in the following missions:
    • Ivory Hunt
    • Grand Theft Aero
    • Roundabout
    • Cholo

    Ivory Hunt was a surprise success - despite the mission being set to expert difficulty, a hastily assembled ambush managed to quickly dispatch the opposing force in pouring rain.

    Heavy fog in Grand Theft Aero necessitated a slow-but-steady approach, which worked in our favour. Both Hueys were secured and at least one barracks destroyed.

    Roundabout was a long meat grinder which somehow resulted in a pyrrhic victory - a series of fortifications were cleared but only three men made it to the final village, where two fell and the last was without legs.

    Cholo was a night assault but rain prevented the attackers from seeing anything. An excessive number of police officers (2:1 ratio was not maintained :|) managed to execute all the gang members without a single loss. What a shame.

    Remember, Folk Sundays are also nights for excellent organised missions with a slightly different crowd.
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