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    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellions Beta Impressions?

    I pre-ordered this, but--due to my unfortunate computer setup--have been unable to download the beta. Hopefully there will be a non-Steam option (my original copy of Sins is tied to Stardock) that will let me download the final product from work or something, but that's neither here nor there.

    What I want to know is how the game is shaping up. I really like Sins of a Solar Empire, but lack of faction variety was always the sticking point; each game played out basically the same, with faction choice offering the only major difference (and even then it was subtle). All of the previews make it sound like they're ratcheting up the contrast among the three factions, and I'm curious to hear player opinions on whether it's really enhancing the game. For $30, I doubt I'll regret my pre-order, but I always like to hear player thoughts.

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    i've tried the beta, at the moment the only playable faction is the TEC (Loyalist and Rebels, ofcourse). there are a few addition such the revamped graphic engine, that new shuriken (or is it shurken?) class frig and the new techs (each sub-faction apparently have 6 of these that differentiate the sub-faction from its cousin). but the highlights -as expected- is the new titans. ive tried the TEC loyalist's titan (anlykon? ankylon? athena? why do these guys always name their ships with such confusing name?) and goddamn its big. as in 1/4 of a planet big. not to mention the shipyard that make them, which is about the size of the planet itself. beta went good so far, but im still looking forward to try out the other factions. i did got a sneak peek at other faction's ship, by selecting the artifact world as your game VC and find the planet. it its when i first got there, full of abstract stuff. so yeah, so far so good.

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