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Thread: Survival games

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    Survival games

    I'm new to these forums and just curious, what is your favorite Survival game? (Online and Offline)

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    I havent played many survival games,but lets say STALKER series are my favorite offline experience. And The Forest for cooperative play with other people.

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    Terarria for both online and offline. This is the only survival game that I've ever enjoyed playing besides The Forest and Don't Starve. I like the side scrolling perspective and the graphics. The world generation is top notch, and has produced some drastically varied and engaging worlds for me to explore. It continues to do so, even with my 100+ hours of time played.
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    The Long Dark by a nautical Canadian mile.

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    Miasmata is beautiful. Both soothing and a horrible panic attack all at the same time. And as long as you drink water, rest often and keep out of the rain you'll easily be fine... As long as you avoid the beast.

    Most survival games want to kick you down over and over again to stretch out the paper thin 'content', Miasmata isn't afraid for you to main line it, but like a less obtuse Starseed Pilgrim figuring out your actual objectives is half of the challenge, your nerves are strained, and like Dark Souls sanctuaries lure you in to wait out the disease, but it isn't going anywhere until you cure it.

    Once cured you realise a few truths about the paradise you were navigating over, and the game pats you on the back, you can easily complete Miasmata in your first run without dying once, as long as you keep your head about you, but you can save at any shelter, Miasmata doesn't dump on you from a great height.
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    Good old Shipwreck.
    I haven't had the time to play Salt.

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    This War of Mine.

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    Offline? The N29.
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