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    Zero G space games + VR : unplayable?

    I for one would like very much to be able to play games like Space Engineers, which have low and zero gravity portions, in VR. I feel like the stereoscopic effect and the immersive display would give me a much better "feel" for the inside of my buildable creations in that game, and make me "feel" much more like I'm inside a ship or atmospheric shuttle I built.

    Space Engineers specifically may be far too slow to work in VR, but equivalent competitors with proper optimization and high performance gfx engines will be around sooner or later.

    However, the ADR1FT feature on here basically said it makes you want to hurl. Any solutions in the pipe or are we never going to get to feel like you're wearing a claustrophobic space suit in a deadly vacuum surrounded by debris or apparatus of our own design without leaving earth for real?

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    The human is more complex than we first assume. Our eyes have direct effect on our body and motion. So yes, certain visual stimulus (that is certain effects that are real/look real) cause certain responses.

    Such as sea sickness, as we get our eyes telling our body that we are at flat (standing on the ship), but our body says we are tilting (rocking in the sea). Things like looking at the horizon can help elevate this.

    Perhaps similar options in a game can, like an artificial horizon (real life) separate from the game one. Then there is frame/scene blanking. And other tricks they could use/try.
    It is a technical difference, but's there none the less.

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    There was a study recently that claims that you can reduce nausea by temporarily restricting the viewer's FOV as they rotate. It looks quite practical for a Space Engineer style game where you aren't constantly rotating, and when it's done well, you apparently don't even notice its happening.

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    ADR1FT does not make me hurl. It's worth bearing in mind that sensitivity to this varies dramatically from person to person.

    I think it's great that games have recently been getting easier to refund, it'll be very useful for VR games that end up making you feel uncomfortable.

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