upfront disclaimer: the only situation in which I envisage this game being finished is if I end up unemployed next year and have nothing else to do. So this is mainly about having fun (some of us enjoy designing things and working out solutions to problems) and learning some new skills (coding in my case).

I have a couple of projects on the go. The one that I'm currently interested in is a TBS set on a planet. I've got some ideas for interesting mechanics that I'd like to explore.

Is anybody interested in helping out? Ideally, with coding (C#), as I have a friend who's doing some 3D stuff for me, and there isn't a huge need for assets at the moment. Later on, I'll be looking for help in fleshing out the game world, content, etc. But for the time being, I'm concentrating on "the plumbing."

For example, the camera currently auto-centres on your currently selected unit. And you can rotate the camera around the world. It all works OK. But it would be nice to give somebody the job of making it work WELL. So the camera auto-scrolls to the next unit, rather than jumping straight there. Gradual acceleration in camera orbit speed. Having the camera "swing out" as you zoom in so you end up in a sort of isotropic view rather than always being pointing straight at the world.

Another (more exciting) example would be the procedural world generation. I've got something basic working, based on perlin noise. But there's a lot of scope for improving this and making more interesting worlds