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Also a "you already have three of these, so I will auto-sell the next one" feature would have made me very happy indeed.

Speaking of which, isn't it about time that these RPGs that give you a big pack of followers but only allow you to take a couple on a mission develop a good way of handling their inventories? In my headquarters, I want to select the equipment for each follower from the list of all my items not currently equipped by me (so, allowing me to equip the same object on more than one person). If I select followers for my next mission and there is not enough of a certain equipment type to go round, then I have to decide who gets it and what the other person gets.

This would make choosing a different follower combo on each mission so much more convenient.
Final fantasy tactics A2 did a good job with its inventory management (I'm sure that the original was good at this too but never played it). You can see how many of what you own, and you can sort and distribute items really easily.

Stupid game making the best hat (the ribbon) female only and the Red mage->double cast-> blood magic /summoner-> phoenix + attack summon is possible on one character meaning with 2 such characters you are walking Gods. But inventory was handled beautifully.