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    CS is 1p per slot per hour, not just 1p per hour.

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    Hey Alex,

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Bakke View Post
    If you don't mind me asking, how exactly do you work out the pricing for the games? Why is L4D2 10p an hour, and CS 1p an hour.
    CS is 1p per slot per hour, so if you were going to run a 8 slot CS server it would be 8p an hour rather than 10p an hour for L4D2. The small price difference there is simply because L4D2 takes up more resources to run than the other games so we need to charge a little more to make up the extra cost to us!

    I hope that answers your question :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkmansrevenge View Post
    the first company to offer game servers on demand at hourly rates!
    Haha, we had our public Minefold launch on the same day!

    Nimble Servers looks great btw, it's good to see interesting people in this space.

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    Necro much?

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