My name is Dave Marsh and I created and/or developed a number of the first point-and-click adventure games in the '80s (Shadowgate, Deja Vu, Uninvited, Deja Vu II.) My company (Zojoi) has acquired the rights to all of my titles and is currently working on nine mystery/FMV adventures - The Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series.

We've just launched our kickstarter campaign where we are offering a ton of cool stuff including the games on PC, Mac and ios and android devices. Even better, because of how these games are designed, we can offer the opportunity for donors to become characters in the game as well as writers for the in-game newspaper - The London Times. We've kept the pledge amounts as low as possible to allow as many people to be immortalized in the process as possible!

Kickstarter link

Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you join our campaign!

Dave Marsh