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    Here we go again, St Patrick's day bundle coming

    Announced and available for preorder. This is the teaser from the official site:

    The Bundle is headlined by an explosive FPS with a future-leaning setting, available on Windows as a Steam key, Desura key and DRM-free download. Next up the flagpole is a jaunty Windows and Mac adventure game, available on Steam, DRM-free, and on Desura, arrr. Also featured - a brainy Steam-enabled Windows and Mac title 'dispensing' RTS action. Rounding out the bundle is an Indie Royale exclusiveWindows/Mac debut (DRM-free and Desura) for an acclaimed satirical platformer, plus a bonus DRM-free Windows RPG overhead shooter from the same creator.
    As usual, they have confirmed on twitter none has been featured in a bundle before. I came up with some guesses, but I had to squeeze my brain to the last drop (not)

    Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Achron or Vertex Dispenser & DLC Quest and if the last guess is correct the bonus should be Land of the Evildoer (PC debut) - all links are to store pages. Plus, of course the usual free album for those who preorder.

    Last time I preordered for the first time and was pretty much disappointed. This one doesn't look too pretty either, although I'm curious about Jolly Rover and the whole bundle costs less than that game alone. Also, when it starts raining bundles, usually it pours... guess I'll be trying some demos tonight.

    Links to reviews:

    Achron: RPS, metacritic
    Hard Reset: RPS, metacritic
    Jolly Rover: metacritic, adventuregamers, critical gamer
    Vertex Dispenser: RPS, metacritic
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