Hey guys!
I recently purchased this game via PC world after reading a post from savy gamer, thus receiving it at a very admirable price!
So far, I suck but every loss is a win for me because it's amazing. The scope of the game is monumental and somewhat daunting at first, but I believe I'm starting to sink my teeth in to it's delicious learning curve.

However, I think that what we really need to support this game is a populated space dedicated to the discussion of all things related and specifically unit discussion and tactic proposals. I really enjoyed the community surrounding Company of Heroes and I loved the way that if you spent 3 hours reading and studying various doctrines and strategies, your next game would be played entirely differently. People used to tear apart unit-specific pros and cons and create a fascinating aura of debate surrounding the glory of the top notch strategy game.

I really hope that amongst the people that read this stands a visionary with the capability and the want to create a webite / extensive wikia to support and drive the community to what is so far an excellent game. Wargame: European Escalation... We love you!