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    Quote Originally Posted by RobF View Post
    They do and Respawn were signed 3 years ago and EA were hardly going to net West and Zampella by making them work on an existing IP. But you're confusing the odd isolated and strategic incident with the course of the company as a whole. But as a small note, EA Partners (the program that Titanfall was signed under) is now on a hiatus for PC and console games beeecause EA are shifting their operations away from that sort of thing.
    So Cry Baby 1 and Cry Baby 2 were given preferential treatment because they proved they are able to make really good games (at least, from a profit standpoint) under less than ideal circumstances.

    I'm not trying to do that. I'm saying that the games, given how long games take to make, would have been greenlit and grandfathered into his watch in all likelihood. I don't know how you get from that to me crediting others with his work or trying to steal his glory or whatever it is you're doing there.
    So evidently it takes EA 6 years to make a game?

    I am not saying ricitellio was the golden goose, but the guy had good ideas and EA generally tried potentially dangerous stuff under his regime, and I consider that a good thing.

    He says they are working on old IP that they're counting as new IP because they're rebooting it. That's what he said. With his mouth. It's the part I'm talking about in particular. I'm not saying they'll never make a new game again. Who knows what'll happen when they get a new CEO? Who knows if there's a couple of other rare strategic decisions like Respawn waiting in the wings that no-one knows about? I don't. But they've wound down their publishing outside mobile, EA Partners isn't what it was, look at their releases over the past year or so, look at the releases we're expecting through to 2014. It's not looking great right now in the creative stakes! It's looking fantastic in that "thing you played before but now with microtransactions!" stakes though.
    2013 releases, courtesy of wiki:
    Tiger Woods game
    Two Sims 3 expansions
    Sim City
    NCAA Football
    Fuse (new IP)
    Dead Space 3
    Crysis 3
    Army of Two game

    New IP wise, they had one (and one for iOS, Fightback, but I suspect you'll explode if I dare mention that they are developing for people other than core gamers :p). Not the best year, but this is also the year when the new console generation is starting so a lot of people are probably going to be hesitant to buy stuff (I know that I REALLY want The Last of Us, but am having a hard time justifying it until Sony says their cloud access policies).

    As for being "microtransaction hell": Fuse, from what I played of the trial, didn't seem any different than normal games. Crysis 3 didn't even HAVE an in-game store (or if they did, it was hidden quite well), so that mostly leaves Dead Space 3. And while the games journalists loved to leap on it and scream how horrible it was for having microtransactions, those microtransactions also weren't necessary. It has been a while, but I think TB's video summed it up with something along the lines of "I don't like microtransactions and I think they are stupid. I also think it is jarring to see a link to the store every time I try to craft something. But fortunately, the game is still really fun if I ignore it"

    Also: Like it or not, but SimCity was a pure PC game that was actually aimed at giving "hardcore" gamers what they want while being accessible to a new generation. EA just fucked it up. But like I said before: Part of taking risks is fucking up, and EA are in the unique position of being best able to absorb a fuck-up. Why? Because of Madden and Battlefield

    As for what we're expecting in the next year, I can't be arsed to look it up again but we have PvZ2, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and probably a few others. Maybe those will have heavy microtransactions, but with BF3 as an example, I am okay with those.
    Summary for those not in the know: BF3's DLC/Microtransactions/Evil were limited to unlock kits and DLC packs that are big by today's standards (not so much by those form the early 2000s). Those unlock packs are actually REALLY nice as they let you be combat effective in a vehicle without spending all your time camping the vehicle spawns (and, if the trend continues, won't be necessary as DICE will realize they need to start you off with flares and shit).

    But anywho, quality game wise: That is two and a half very good games by core gamer standards last year, and at least two next year (BF4 and Titanfall). That is one new IP with decent, but not AAA, production values (mostly it just felt like they didn't advertise it) last year, and one that will probably be the first ever 4A game next year. So yes, EA isn't exactly the same as they have been under Riccitellio, but for the two years of when the new console generation starts, that is still pretty good.

    Any way you look at it, the EA that fostered Mirror's Edge:The First, Dead Space:The First and Dragon Age:The First is not present and correct right now. There is nothing to indicate it is. It'd be lovely if there was because wouldn't some new games be lovely? I'd like that.
    Except for all the stuff I have been saying over and over.

    Also, time will tell if EA/Bioware have become what "they used to be". Signs are pointing toward them taking their time and learning from their mistakes to get DA3 right. I'm not optimistic, but I am also going to wait until the game is out to pass judgement.

    This is just simply not how it works in the main. Plenty of successful studios get shuttered whilst they are still successful. Big problem here though is that what you count as successful is "they make good games" and "they make money!" but successful to a company like EA or Activision is relative and what it's relative to can change easily. Maybe a corp just doesn't want to support that sort of game anymore and it's no longer going to be a part of their portfolio? Maybe they really just do want to put more money into a HotNewSocialSystem and that's got to come from somewhere so let's have a look at that list of who we've got again...
    Could you please give me a list of all the super profitable development studios EA has closed in the past decade? Maybe I missed something, but taking a look at who made most of the really good games I like, here are the ones EA are still giving cash to (either in-house like DICE or just giving cash as a publisher, like Crytek)

    Bioware (more or less :p)
    Crytek (odds are that Crytek could get funding for Crysis 4)

    Now, they DID kill the guys who made Dead Space, but Dead Space 3 also just didn't sell all that well and largely sold out what the fans loved about it (being of comparable scariness to System Shock). Yes, EA pushed the devs to make it more accessible (actiony), but take a look at AvP2: As a marine, that is a VERY scary game, but it is also one with almost non-stop running and gunning. Do I wish they hadn't closed the devs? Of course. They were very talented, even if I wasn't huge on the games they were making. But talent isn't everything. A lot of making good games is knowing what people want and how to give it to them (Valve's magical ability). And I am able to understand if a large company doesn't measure success by "What Gundato and RobF like".

    Running a studio costs money. Running an AAA studio, lots of money. If someone sits there and decides that they can make more money by redirecting the money from one studio to elsewhere then that is what they'll do. Sometimes they'll nudge the studio along the path to failure so it looks a bit less bad from the outside, maybe saddle the studio with a lame duck of a licensed game as their next game and you're not in a position to say no because who pays your bills?, maybe it's milestones being paid late, maybe it's just interfering because hey, who'll know someone interfered, right? But why bother with all that when often, a corp can just shutter the studio and maybe move that spend into mobile or move that spend into your new Facebook studio which is making $1m a week instead of $1m over a month?
    So now EA are intentionally making bad games so that public opinion will still be good when they can a dev?


    But sure, let's pretend that is at all reasonable and has evidence of it happening, rather than just being a conspiracy theory. Let's pretend that makes sense.
    Then maybe we should at least make sure EA still cares enough about PR that they try to mask their evil murdering of DICE and Respawn and Bioware, rather than just giving them free reign to kill what few profitable core gaming studios they have left to focus entirely on mobile gaming (which is actually what a significantly large percentage of gamers like...).

    Which brings me back to my original point: Hate EA for what EA does bad, but also praise them when they do something good.
    You don't like EA? Fine, that is your choice. This thread has sure as hell confirmed that a lot of people dislike them for things that happened twenty years ago under the reign of people who have long since left the company, but whatever. But even the shittiest companies in the world can do some good stuff. Maybe they are pure evil and only "do the right thing" because it gets them good PR. But if it still gets them bad PR, then there is no point in even bothering.

    You're assuming that good game=studio open because good game and this is business and business is cold and often only cares about numbers on a spreadsheet that could be higher.
    You're right. And business is about making decisions that benefit the business.

    Ways to make money:
    Provide a superior product (good games, good dev studios)
    Provide a product people want: This is the part where things get shady, from a core gamer perspective. We are rapidly approaching a world where there are a LOT more people who will have androids or iphones than PS4s or XBONEs. And they deserve to get decent games too. But it is also in EA's best interest to not give up the foothold they have on the consoles and PCs (through ports of console games :p). So we still have a few years where they give a crap. But much as EA has been throughout the past twenty years, they are going to make the games that sell with no real effort (used to be madden, now it is the latest phone game) so that they can afford to take risks on making the next Medal of Honor (the first one, not the bad one :p) or Dead Space.

    Lots and lots of reasons and "they made good games" is fairly low on the list.
    And you have yet to give any that aren't part of a huge evil conspiracy to lower EA's profits :p
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    Dude, come on. This is a thread about bundles. (And a monument to Alms).

    [edit] Played minimotors and it's nothing special. Top down racing, somewhat fun, the portal map is cool, upgrades make the game better. If you have trouble with chains (a so-so puzzle game), try setting the affinity to one core in the level. Their timers were out of whack, making a few puzzles impossible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Internet View Post
    Dude, come on. This is a thread about bundles. (And a monument to Alms).
    The Internet is right*, additionally people who don't open the thread must think bundlemageddon is happening.

    *I went there.
    I'm failing to writing a blog, specifically about playing games the wrong way

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    I don't hate EA :/

    Also! I'd completely forgotten Biology Battle existed. With good reason admittedly but still... it's a not really very good take on the arena shooter. I don't know if the PC version is better than the XBLIG original but the XBLIG original was really, really dull. Probably worth a look for free at a push but yeah.
    Videogames, eh?

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    Not much to report from Bundleland today, but Screen7 has a dev bundle out that had probably escaped my attention, the "Augfest discount collection" for £4.99.

    • The Cat Lady + OST (Desura, DRM-Free)
    • The Cat Lady Album (Ogg format)
    • Nancy the Happy Whore and the Perfidious Petrol Station + OST (Desura, DRM-Free)
    • Downfall + OST (DRM-Free + Desura when released)
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    Theatre of War bundle up on IndieGala

    Theatre of War
    Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943
    + Battle for Caen DLC
    Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943
    Centauro DLC
    Theatre of War 3: Korea

    Steam keys for everything (Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 and Battle for Caen DLC have one key)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strazz View Post
    Theatre of War bundle up on IndieGala
    Can anyone recommend these? They look kind of interesting, but seem to get crap reviews. I take it Men of War is better?

    And can anyone explain why 1C games always have so much potential but end up being janky as hell? They publish interesting stuff, but I always wish another publisher put the polish on the games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arccos View Post
    Can anyone recommend these? They look kind of interesting, but seem to get crap reviews. I take it Men of War is better?
    I played Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 and Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 a bit some years ago. As I remember them, there isn't really anything wrong with them, but ... well, I haven't played them since back then, so maybe that says something.
    They seem like they should be exactly my thing, but they didn't manage to make me care much.
    'Bland' might be a good description; there's just something missing from them that makes you not care very much whether you'll play them again.

    I do wonder about Caen and Korea, but not enough to buy them (granted, if I had more money I might have bought that bundle, but I'm pretty sure I would be disappointed).

    Can't really compare with Men of War, except that I doubt Theatre of War grabs most people the same way MoW does.
    I have several hundred hours of play time in Mow, Faces of War and Soldiers of WWII, and maybe three to four hours in Theatre of War.

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    New IndieGameStand deal: Pandora: Purge of Pride BTA: OST.
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    Steam just greenlit a metric fuckton of games. Many of them, including: Escape Goat, Dino Run, Megabyte Punch, Dominions 3, Neo Scavenger, and Signal Ops have been in bundles.

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    The Humble Comedy Bundle?

    The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath, a Napoleon: Total War AAR
    For the Emperor!, a Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai AAR
    The Red Blades, a Battle Brothers AAR

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    Crap. I thought it was about comedy games.

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    Will prove definitely less controversial than EA's successful second attempt at jumping on the indie bundle bandwagon but, by the looks of it, vastly less successful. Can't win em all...
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    The Louis CK show is well worth whatever it runs. HOWEVER, you can just get it from his site
    for $5 if that's all you want. Can only stream/download a very limited number of times though.

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    The Louis CK one is the the one I'm really interested in. The average seems higher for these than for any of the game bundles though.

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    Ok the full 28th August batch. Did this mostly by memory so I wouldn't be surprised if something fell through the cracks... let us know if you spot anything I missed.

    • 1953 - KGB Unleashed
    • 8BitMMO
    • A Walk in the Dark: Groupees BaGB3
    • Against the Wall
    • Armikrog.
    • Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
    • Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game
    • Battle Nations
    • Black Annex
    • Blockland
    • Bloody Trapland: IR Spiral Groove
    • Bridge Constructor: IG Sim
    • Bridge It: IndieFort Oxygen, IndieFaceKick Wham Bam, IndieGameStand
    • Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils: IR Back to School
    • Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land: IG Mobile 2, IG 9, Greenlight #2
    • Chroma Squad
    • City Car Driving
    • Constant C: BeMine #8, Greenlight #4, IndieGameStand
    • Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    • Craft The World
    • Crayola® Art Studio
    • Croixleur: Groupees Doujin BaB, IndieRoyale Debut 2.0
    • C-Wars: Roguelike Pixel Art PC Game
    • Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
    • Darkout: Groupees BaGB 2
    • Dead Cyborg
    • Delver
    • Delver's Drop
    • Depth Hunter: IFK Be in the Game, Groupees BaB2
    • Dino Run SE: Greenlight #1
    • Dominions 3: The Awakening
    • Doorways
    • Draw a Stickman: EPIC
    • Dungeon Dashers
    • Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos: Groupees Doujin BaB
    • Eleusis: BeMine #8
    • Escape Goat: IR JuneBug, IG Weekly 1, Greenlight #4, IndieGameStand
    • Exoplanet: First Contact: Groupees ARPG
    • Flightless
    • FORCED
    • Forge Quest
    • Freedom Planet
    • Galactic Arms Race: BeMine Anniversary (also given away by devs)
    • Gravi: Groupees BaGB2, BS #9
    • Gray Matter
    • Guise Of The Wolf
    • Hoodwink [series]
    • Iesabel
    • InFlux
    • Kainy
    • Kingdoms Rise
    • Knock-Knock
    • Knytt Underground: IR Spring Sun
    • Legend of Iya
    • Legend of the Knightwasher
    • Legends of Aethereus
    • Megabyte Punch: Greenlight #3, IndieGameStand
    • Melody's Escape
    • Mortal Online: The Awakening
    • MovieWriterPro
    • Multimedia Fusion 2
    • Mutant Mudds: IR Harvest
    • NEO Scavenger: BeMine #5
    • NEStalgia
    • Omegalodon: IndieGala X, Groupees BaB3, Greenlight #2
    • Oniken: IR Jubilee, IG Summertide, Greenlight #2, Groupees Retro
    • Paranautical Activity: BeMine #8, IndieGameStand
    • Poker Smash
    • POOL NATION featuring Box of Tricks
    • Project Black Sun
    • ProjectNimbus
    • Rawbots: Groupees BaGB3 (also given away by the devs...)
    • Ray's The Dead - Create and Control your own Zombie Army!
    • Rebirth
    • Reprisal: IndieRoyale Fall, IndieGameStand
    • Risk of Rain
    • Road Redemption
    • Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic: Groupees BaGB
    • Shadow of the Eternals
    • Shantae: Risky's Revenge
    • Signal Ops: IR Prairie Dog
    • Signs of Life
    • Silent Storm
    • Son of Nor
    • Songs2See Ultimate
    • Soul Saga
    • Super Amazing Wagon Adventure: IR GetAway
    • Survive
    • sZone-Online
    • Talisman Digital Edition: Talisman Prologue(?) was in the IG Colossus
    • Teslagrad
    • The Cat Lady: BeMine Anniversary, IndieGameStand
    • The Impossible Game
    • The Last Phoenix
    • The Plan
    • Toribash
    • Underrail: IndieFort Spring, Groupees BaGB
    • WARMACHINE: Tactics
    • Zafehouse: Diaries: IndieFort Countdown, IR Mighty, Groupees Undead
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    Is that shiny loot?
    Edit: Ah, greenlight.
    I'm failing to writing a blog, specifically about playing games the wrong way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heliocentric View Post
    Is that shiny loot?
    Edit: Ah, greenlight.
    In a way, it IS shiny loot: as shiny as free steam keys can be ^^

    BTW I marked in blue some titles that I personally thought noteworthy / interesting / have been featured on RPS at some point. Same remark about flaky memory applies.
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    Re: the comedy bundle - yeah, you can just pick up the Louis CK special direct, and nothing wrong with that but the other two sound albums are by Patrice O'Neal who was one of Louis' favourite comedians and who died just a couple of years ago. I would guess he's there not coincidentally and the proceeds of his share are presumably going to his family. There's a lot of conditionals in that sentence. He's well-regarded but I'm personally completely unfamiliar with his work.

    The Tig Notaro set about her cancer is semi-legendary. She's been on "This American Life" and I think she's pretty funny.

    I love comedy so I was happy to just BTA, which should work out around a quid per hour if I only listen to it all once. If you're not a particular comedy fan it's not like there isn't plenty of comedy everywhere else, and it is pretty US-centric - unsurprisingly.

    Ah, the Tig Notaro "Taylor Dayne" story. Not to be confused with Taylor Daynes, who was a developer on "Pirates of the Burning Sea". I was never confused...
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    Big Paradox Humble Bundle releasing this afternoon... 11AM EST. ;P This one sounds big... 125$ donation to get every Paradox on Steam... that'd be interesting, not that I have 125$.

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