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    Cheaper Borderlands 2 preorder

    Edit: Remaining copies spoken for, will repost if anything falls through

    I have 3 copies of borderlands 2 preorder, having got the 4 pack.
    It includes the preorder bonuses.

    Price is $40.50, gifted to you via steam trade after payment clears on paypal.
    The normal price is $59.99, or $53.99 if you already own borderlands 1 on steam (for a few more days)

    This is a USA region copy, it should work in your country if you verify borderlands 2 is available for sale on steam when you're logged on. (borderlands 2 isn't available for preorder in a few countries, if that's your country it will not work!)

    Friend me on steam and post here when the trade is settled.
    If you don't have a decent post count on this forum then I have to wait until payment clears to protect myself from scamming bastards.

    Edit: I also have a single copy of orcs must die 2 preorder for $11.25, which is $2.25 cheaper than single copy price
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    Thanks for hooking me up with Borderlands 2, Benwah.

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    Crap, I've pre-ordered Borderlands 2 at my local Malaysian game-store way before this Steam special!

    I can't quite tell whether this pre-order will have bonuses, since that store, Gamer's Hideout, only imports the games, and may not have the clue whether it'll have them.

    On the plus side, I've paid the deposit and became the member, so I have extra discounts when I purchase Borderlands 2.

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    I've pre-ordered Borderlands 2 at my local Malaysian game-store way before this Steam special!

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    What a cool spambot.

    On topic, do you think you might have the OMD2 preorder for a bit longer? I want to play the demo first :)

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