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    Dragon's Crown--PS3 & Vita

    Has anyone heard anything about this game? I've actually pre-ordered it for PS3--only $30--and it looks really good. Vanillaware consistently blow me away with their gorgeous 2D visuals, but I've heard precious little about the gameplay. Odin's Sphere was a shockingly deep game, with strong meta-gaming systems enriching the (well-executed) beat-em-up gameplay and a decent story, but Muramasa was a weird mix of solid mechanics, poor pacing, and abysmal translation. I'm going to take the gamble here, but I'd love to know more before the game arrives on my doorstep.

    ALSO: Anyone know a release date? Amazon is estimating March 31 (USA), but that's clearly a placeholder.

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    From what I read last year it's set to advance upon the formula that was present in The King Of Dragons, D&D: Tower of Doom and Golden Axe. Not that I needed to be told, it came across pretty solidly from the trailer I saw last year. There's a couple of things in there that I'm quite keen on like being able to take the bones of your allies in a net game to a temple to resurrect them as an NPC and the escape routes that you can take from a boss battle if things get too hot to handle. Hopefully those escape routes won't be too similar to each other but to be honest I don't find that a sticking point because holy shit, it's like TKOD and Golden Axe. With large women.

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