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Thread: Blood Bowl SP

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    There was a java version of bloodbowl you could play offline and was half decent. AIBowl was the name, but it has changed over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Mechano View Post
    The other thing that put me off is you only get a very short window in order to use it and it means you can't combo it since you can't just use it at any point during your turn anymore.

    When and if I took a wizard it'd use it as part of a sequence but now you can only use it on its lonesome and then plan around that instead.
    On the time limit, you have 15 seconds to activate a spell and then an unknown but longer amount of time after that to choose the target square. So the 15s is only there to confirm or deny you want to use the Wizard. (It's still dumb as hell.)

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