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    I swear I heard my Shepard say in the end... [SPOILERS]

    Wonder why I'm laughing? I'm laughing because I, and all of mine, have won.
    You come to me in the image of something which has been haunting me, because you are afraid, afraid of me, of us. You need to make yourself more imposing, more emotional, in order to get your way, but not this time.

    The reason why everything "turns to chaos" is YOU. Countless generations, time and time again "turn to chaos", but the only consistency is YOU. You've been here all this time, and now, as many times before, as we grow outside of your boundaries, as we begin to move independantly, not using your trinkets you left behind, you feel the need to "teach us a lesson" and start anew. Well let me tell you:
    We. Dont. Need. You. You dont speak for any of us. It's all your doing, and you're going away.

    Ive already died twice.
    The geth can handle themselves.
    So can EDI.
    Now lets see how well you do.
    Go fuck off, holokid.

    *shoots the machinery*
    - Tom De Roeck.

    verse publications & The Shopkeeper, an interactive short.

    "Quantacat's name is still recognised even if he watches on with detached eyes like Peter Molyneux over a cube in 3D space, staring at it with tears in his eyes, softly whispering... Someday they'll get it." - The Conclave

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    I think a perfect part for Mass Effect 3 to end would be as you are running towards the beams and Harbinger is chargin his lazorz you reach the beam and it cuts to credits. Well maybe not perfect but possible... like amputating a gangrenous leg

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    I have not played ME2 and ME3, and only 6 hours of ME1. Guess I was right all along on skipping it.

    That said, had I wanted not to be spoiled I would probably have on release day, so fuck you very much everyone.

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    I always wondered how the red explosions managed to destroy only synthetic life, given that organic life is made of tiny machines. It probably wasn't the authors intention, but the only thing that makes sense is ghostkid lieing about that.

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    I can't wait for the singularity. We'll have RPGs where you can make your own dialogue and decisions!

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