Okay, some quick background here. I've been developing a multiplayer turn-based tactics game (devlog here if you're curious) which features elevation effects, destructible obstacles, high explosives, constructible bridges and barricades, random item drops, the ability to push, pull and throw characters and objects, and bunch of other neat things that I won't go into here. It's meant to be played with friends in hotseat mode, a bit like a turn-based tactics version of Super Smash Brothers, though the game will also support play-by-email.

Anyway! The reason I'm posting here is that I am in dire need of a tagline, preferably something cheeky and clever which evokes the nature of the game, to stick after the title ("Telepath Tactics"). After agonizing for a while by myself, it occurred to me that RPS is filled with clever wordsmiths, and that I'd be stupid not to at least see if I could get some ideas from folks here. Here is the best tag line I've been able to think up so far: "Maim friends and influence people." It's okay, but not superb. I want superb. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, especially ones involving puns!