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Thread: Nox 2?

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    Nox 2?

    You know, i've been thinking about kickstarter projects and how awesome some games that are coming out of there are, or have the potential to be - and one game that i always end up coming back to in terms of wanting a sequel is Nox. Am i the only one that still loves the memories of playing that game? Or has anyone heard anything about any possibility of it being resurrected?

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    Nox was a nice game but I doubt it did too well financially. Can't see it getting a sequel either for the same reason. And it wasn't all fun and candy either. It's maps were hand made but still looked random generated, worst of both worlds.
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    For me Nox was hands down the best action RPG. It was unique because it required skill to play. In Diablo and other games you fight by drinking potions, equipping correct resistances, armour rating, block rating etc. Tactics consist of going forward or retreating.

    Nox has armour rating, but it plays secondary role at best. In Nox, you dodge missiles and even melee attacks manually. Shield also needs to used manually. You have to aim carefully. Melee weapons have range. In fact, attacking and movement are two separate mouse buttons.You can outplay almost enemies with worse equipment. Multiplayer has modes like Free For All, and CTF. Everyone starts at the same level. They were able to do that because combat itself is fun.

    Nox did't fail because it was a poor game. It failed because of bad business decisions and no support (balance patches). It was released within 2 months of Diablo 2 and marketing failed to underline the differences between the 2 games. Even worse, the only expansion released made the game less like Nox and more like Diablo (by introducing grindable levels, gradually increasing monsters stats, and generic n+1 gameplay). I disagree about ugly levels - I think the way they look is one of Nox's highlights. Music is good, and sound effects are exceptional and very varied.

    Check the 2 videos to see how Nox plays. Show me a game which plays like that and I'll play it. This is not just a figure of speach, I really want to see another game like this.

    Single player:

    Multi player:

    Nox was made by Westwood Studios, now defunct. However, a lot of former Westwood employees now work in Petroglyph Studios. We can post on Petroglyph forums to ask for Nox 2.
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    theres still a nox community out there, one of the mods there started a nox 2 project, but atm it can't be finished since he doesn't have animators/modelers for the game. <-- link to the thread about nox 2

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